How to select the best domain name for your business or personal website?

Selecting the best domain name

A domain name is the identity of your business on the Internet.

It is where your business website will reside.

It is the name that people will remember and use it to tell others about your business.

Just like your business name, a domain name should be selected with thought and consideration.

So let’s take a look at some of the points that you must keep in mind when selecting a domain name for your business.

Easy to remember

Your domain name should be easily remembered by the people. Especially those people who you are working for and who are are working for you. That is your clients, leads and your employees.

So that they can tell others about it and others can remember it too easily.

Easily pronounceable

Have you ever had an experience where you told someone about a website and later when they tried to open they spelled it wrong?

Well, that means that domain name pronunciation is not good.

It might be possible that there are two words with the same pronunciation.

For example:  Extreme and Xtreme

Or there might be some accent problem. Like someone from the USA will pronounce a word differently from someone in India.

So, it’s not mandatory but if possible choose a domain name that can be easily pronounced regardless of the accent.

Domain name should match your brand.

Whatever you are selling through the website hosted on this domain name, whatever product or service, the domain name must be in accordance with the offering of your business.

To get a boost in the search engine results, some people name their domain other than what they are offering and this leads to confusion among the visitors and brings down the reputation of the business.

Keep it short, but not too short

Your domain name should be easily remembered by others and easily typed on all the devices.

Very lengthy domain names take time while typing them on mobile phones. People might face mistyping issues when trying to go to your website.

On the other hand, very short domain names most of the time fail to form any meaningful name that can be easily remembered and told to others.

Choose a domain name that has sufficient length to explain your offerings and easy to remember and type. I will suggest 4-10 characters

Go for.COM

Another important decision that you have to take is selecting the best extension for your domain name.

New Domain names extensions such as .ME, .PRO etc. might sound eye-catching but .COM is still the easiest to remember and used by more than 75% of the websites.

Some visitors just add .COM without knowing the actual extension of the domain. Because they are habitual of seeing .COM everywhere so they know a website name ends with .com.

Even when you type a domain name in browser and press CTRL+ENTER the browser will automatically add .COM after the domain name and WWW before the domain name. I will explain the reason for adding WWW in another video.

Trademark infringement

Your domain name shouldn’t be easily confused with the name of another site or brand.

After all, you don’t want any lawsuits on your hands.

If your domain name infringes on a trademark, you could be sued and forced to give up the domain.

So, before you register your domain name, you should check to see if it violates any trademarks registered in your country.

For Indian trademarks, you can go to

Do keyword research

Search for the words people use the most when searching the Internet for the kind of product or service you are offering. For example: You can go to Google Keyword Finder, there you can type the words that you want to include in your domain name and then combine them or their synonyms or even shorten them to make it look cool. This is how you can make a Search Engine Optimized domain name.

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